Our logistics, well-positioned distribution centers with over 10.000 m2 and more than 120 delivery vehicles, enable the supply of products to any point of sale within 24 hours. Our team consists of more than 600 workers, trained and organized in accordance with the principles of modern business.

With the pre-selling concept Veletabak delivers goods to about 17,000 sales points through its distribution centers, located in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Cacak and Nis.

In order to respond to market needs and challenges we are organized in three sales divisions:
Tobacco, NonTobacco and Cool Food.

Regional centers

Novi Sad - Central Warehouse

Address: Klisa - Profesora Grcica 1b
Tel:+381 21 4898 000
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Address: Autoput za Zagreb 5g
Tel:+381 11 26 070 85
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Belgrade - Logistic center Banovci

Address: Treća logistička 10, Novi Banovci


Address: Dimitrija Tucovica 208
Tel:+381 18 4566 200
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Address: Ibarski put 8
Tel:+381 32 381 134
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